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volume set

3 hours

Looking for some DRAMA? Then you have found the perfect set of extensions in a volume set! Volume involves adding 2 or more thin extensions fanned out and placed on your natural lash. The density and shape can be totally customized to best suit your unique features and style! All fans are handcrafted during your appointment to best suit your natural lashes.


1 hour and 30 minutes

A fill or touch up is where all the old grown out fans are removed and replaced with a new one. Proper care and maintainence while you are home will ensure your extensions are reaching their maximum retention potential allowing your appointments to be quicker than the full set. You must retain at least 40% of your extensions to be considered a fill. 

hybrid set

2 hours 30 min

Hybrid or a mixed set is simply using a combination of volume fans and classic lashes. This particular set will give you some drama but also keep it more natural looking than a full volume set would be. 

classic set

specialty volume

Have you ever heard of the Kym K look? Or maybe you've heard it referred to as The Striplash Look? This specialty look can be so many things! Textured, whispy, spikey whatever you want to call it, it is one of the prettiest looks when applied and totally customizable to every individuals taste and style. 

3 hours

lash lift &tint

1 hour

Are your natural lashes long and dense but missing that curl? Lash lift is a perfect solution for you! Giving your naturals a curl so you can throw out that lash curler and prevent any damage to you naturals. Add a tint in for the extra dark mascara look and you are set!

2 hours

Classic lashes enhance your natural beauty by giving you that mascara look with out the mascara! This set is a 1:1 application meaning one extension is applied to 1 natural lash. This look will be the most natural and a great place to start if you have never tried lash extensions before or if you are looking for a natural look. 

teeth whitening

1.5 hours

Want to get your teeth brighter and whiter with little to no sensitivity in an hour or less? White teeth brightening system gets your teeth up to 16 shades brighter in one sitting!


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