Aftercare & Q&A


learn more about eyelash extensions and how to properly care for them

Don't fret they are relatively easy to take care of! The best part about lash extensions is the gift of time. Want a 5 minute morning routine? Lash extensions are here to help! 
Following the quick and easy steps will have you off to work or to run the kids to school in no time! All while looking like a boss!

Following all aftercare instructions from your lash artist is how you will reach maximum retention and continued natural lash health. 

Lash extensions are very low maintanence and only require that you follow a few simple steps each day. 

Some other simple rules to follow 

1. use only oil free products on or around your eyes. this includes all makeup, creams, lotions, sunblocks etc

2. Do not sleep on your face

3. avoid puffs of steam or flames eg. opening the dishwasher,     stove, bbq, fire pits and lighters

4.  Do Not put mascara on your lash extensions

5. Do Not use a lash curler

6. come in for your fills every 2-3 weeks

more information and aftercare

1. Wash lashes daily with a foaming oil free cleanser. If you wear eye makeup make sure it is completley removed at night before you go to be.

2. Brush Lashes daily

3. Don't pick or pull your lash extensions



Fills or touch ups are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness and maintain natural lash health. Everyones lash cycle is different so we will assess together after your first couple of fills what works best for you. You can however expect to lose 1-3 eyelashes a day in a regular shed cycle. If you wear a lot of eye makeup daily you will most likely have shorter infill times. 

No. If you are going to a properly trained Lash Artist there will be no natural lash damage. Regular maintanence and following all aftercare instructions is recommended to ensure natural lash health.

The process of getting lash extensions should not cause any pain. In fact the process should be very relaxing and most often result in a lash nap!
Talking during your appointment can sometimes cause the eyepads used during application to move around and cause discomfort and tearing. Always let me know if you are experiencing any discomfort so i can do my best to troubleshoot. 

Will getting Lash extensions hurt?

How long will my Lash extensions last?

Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

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Do you fill other artists work?

Yes. However if the work is of poor quality and not applied properly a full removal and new set will need to be completed. I will assess when you come in for your 1st appointment. Please advise me that you are booking an "outside" fill.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Come to your appointment with a freshly washed face. All eye and face makeup should be removed. If there is makeup residue on your lashes this will interfere with the bonding process and effect your retention. If you come to your appointment with dirty lashes you will be charged a cleaning fee of 10.00. Avoid caffeine and other drinks which contain caffeine as they can make you restless and can make your eyes flutter during the application process. Use the washroom before appointment as you can be laying down for as long as 3 hours.

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